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Confronting a certain cowardice, Performance, 2011

Wholly Communion, 1965

Utopian Impulse and Social Practice


By Anthony Romero


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Frank O’Hara reading “Having a Coke With You,” 1966

"It’s fairly well known that for the last thirty years my main work as an artist has been located in activities and contexts that don’t suggest art in any way.  Brushing my teeth, for example, in the morning when I’m barely awake; watching in the mirror the rhythm of my elbow moving up and down …"

"Despite its appearance it does not behave like a book, but like an editorial virus. The Book is a dead form, in so far as it was holding its reader in the same fraudulent completeness, in the same esoteric arrogance as the classic Subject in front of his peers, no less than the classic figure of “Man”."